One must make a distinction however: when dragged into prominence by half poets, the result is not poetry, nor till the autocrats among us can be “literalists of the imagination”—above insolence and triviality and can present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them, shall we have it.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bits Of Inspiration ~ Keep Dancing

Wow! We are swimming in negativity from Facebook posts to news outlets. We can't climb out of the pit if we're always feeding on reasons for walls. So today Toads and visitors we're going to dance.

"Every dance is a kind of fever chart, a graph of the heart". Martha Graham

I actually love to dance. I feel a sense of freedom, joy, courage when I lose myself in movement to a favorite song. It is not about whether I'm good or bad at it. It is about letting go and celebrating who I am without my thoughts pulsing with negativity.

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good." -   Edwin Denby

I enjoy watching dancers translate lyrics or story telling through their bodies. For instance Sia's videos are infused with dance. It may look like odd choreography, but no one can doubt the passion in the performance. 

And I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh
I won't let you get me down
I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash
"Dancing is silent poetry." – Simonides

Today's challenge is to express dance through poetry. Pick a photo, a quote, video...Pick whatever inspires you.  Write a new poem...Post it on Mr. Linky and visit your fellow poets to read their poetic choreography. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

True North - In tandem with Karin and Björn

Hello Toads and Tadpoles,

Happy Wednesday, this is Karin and Björn writing a poem in tandem. We have sent drafts back and forth between us starting from the idea of North. We wanted to share something common between the two of us. and both having connection to Sweden we thought we should use that in the poem and write about what the North means for us. We found that slight differences but also lots in common. Then we are each sharing an image, Karin a wonderful piece of art, and Björn a photo from one of the many rivers of the north.

Copyright ManicDdaily aka Karin Gustafson

True North

My true north was summer, a place where time
melted, where grass grasped
ankles as if they were
best friends, as if grass had arms
and ankles waists, as if it weren’t too hot
to hold tight to anything but
what froze.

Like my tongue, when stuck on frigid steel, I went  
from silence into songs;
when thawed,
belonging with the woodwind, with anemones  
in that loss of night
when dusk made love to dawn
my true north was summer
with strawberries and milk.

And when life drove me past
chosen directions,
I would look for that north
in the spooling pools
of the rear view mirror,
finding again the surprise
of strawberries,
knowing then that a return to grass should hold
no terror.

In the sound of water
in the canvas pitter-patter,
in the thunder and the roar of waterfalls
behind the bending boughs of birches
with every bird
are cairns that lead me north.
Thus I find my footing,
knowing well
I have walked this path before.

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Book Quotes Pencils
Jane Austen

Greetings to all poets, wayfarers and friends. The floor is open; the platform is yours! Please share a poem of your choice and enjoy the company of your fellow scribes.

Remember to stop by tomorrow for our Toads in Tandem feature post. Karin and Björn have banded together to bring us a collaborative poem to celebrate the creativity of our Garden environment.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words

Greetings, dear Toads. I hope your day is dancing with words and wonder. I have been doing a lot of editing these last few weeks. And as I reread my work, many lines have stayed with me… whispering to the muse, asking to be written into more.

Today’s prompt sprouted out of those thoughts. I invite you to write a new poem that begins with a line out of your own words. The line can come from a poem, a story, a blog entry, a social media post… Origin doesn’t matter, as long as the words belong to you, and you have published them on a public platform before today. Please add a link to the piece that birthed the line.  
detail from this painting, by Magic Love Crow

 Feed the link to your new poem to Mr. Linky.
Visit other Toads. Love words.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Writing Unseen

Greetings Garden Dwellers and welcome to the Out of Standard, where I set before you a challenge to defy the conventions of a particular theme and find new places in the everyday. 

Writing unseen
Today’s prompt is fairly simple.  

Write a poem about something you can’t see fully. Whether it’s the sea monster draped in darkness or just the silhouette of a lover blotted out by the sun, we are all intrigued with the details that exist but escape our sights. 

That's it. The platform is yours. The mic is warm.

Keep in mind
Like every challenge, your poem must by newly written and not one which you have previously written which conveniently fits the theme.

So go now, my muddy buddies, and bring us back something shiny and new.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to The Imaginary Garden! 

Opinion is a flitting thing,
But Truth, outlasts the Sun -
If then we cannot own them both -
Possess the oldest one -

    -- Emily Dickinson
(copyright Emily Dickinson Museum, fair use)

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Flash 55 PLUS!

Greetings to all poets and friends. It is time for the Flash 55 Challenge!
The rules of this prompt have not changed: Write a piece of poetry or prose on a subject of your choice in precisely 55 WORDS.

Alphabet by Erté
Fair Use



For the OPTIONAL EXTRA part of this challenge, I invite you to consider the art of Romain de Tirtoff a.k.a. Erté . Follow THIS LINK to view examples of his works on WikiArt.
Feel free to post more than one 55-word piece to this prompt, which will remain first on the Home Page until Tuesday morning. Please return to enjoy the poetry of fellow poets.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Quilt Me a Poem

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations.  Inspiration is found in nature, museums, and ... fabric stores.  It is true - fabric stores can become an addiction - and I have accumulated a lot of fabric since I have taken up quilting about a year ago.

The challenge is to write a poem using one of these fabric details OR if you have a special quilt (or memories of one) write about that instead.

I have been swamped this summer with family and "responsibility" and I want to extend the offer to link an old poem if you don't have time to write a new one - I don't usually do this, but I'd rather have you participate than not.  Sometimes going back and looking at an "old" poem, one finds the inclination to change it up a bit, however, please stick with the theme I have provided.

Link to Mr. Linky below and please visit the other poets.  I look forward to your artistic interpretation.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In Tandem with Margaret Bednar & Gillena Cox

“Of Nymphs and Gods"  

Elephants effortlessly leap
as cougars crouch and giants sleep
and I upon Gaia’s ample breast
relinquish time to nymph’s mystique.

Now then in cool of morning rest
heat rays abide in sun’s digest
broad lays day as banana leaves
give succor thou wanton guest. 

Until westward wind sighs and heaves
Aura’s artistry aside and conceives
a cumulus sky of fearful might
'tis fair Iris's name to which I cleave.

Silhouettes court jasmine's white
orange hues bring lovers in sight
quiet passions to golden steep
guide the hush of twilight's flight.

When Margaret emailed me i quickly responded, for i was eager, after giving my yes to Kerry's invitation to Toads in Tandem. I linked Margaret to a few of my past collaborations, and mentioned to her that i liked a recently discovered form, with which i was experimenting - the rubaiyat .

#The Rubáiyát a Persian form of several quatrains. Its name derives from the Arabic plural of the word for "quatrain," Rubá'íyah. This, in turn, comes from the Arabic Rubá, meaning "four."
#In each quatrain, all lines rhyme except the third.

We decided on an Interlocking Rubaiyat,

#The 3 Stanza interlock is aaba.bbcb.ccac.
Slight adjustments had to be made in the rhyme scheme since we were writing a 4 Stanza interlock.
#Our rhyme scheme is aaba.bbcb.ccdc.ddad

Now we had to choose theme, "I luv clouds " i told Margaret and she echoed "look to the clouds for inspiration," and opted to write the first stanza. So now we were on our way to our collaborating adventure.

It was fun, writing, titling, (Margaret proposed the title), explaining thoughts, understanding, fine-tuning: all this via e-mail. I choose the accompanying nephelai-images from a google search.
#Nephelai - cloud nymphs of Greek Mythology

Thank you for reading Toads, hope you enjoyed our serving up of "Of nymphs and gods”

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Greetings to all poets, wayfarers and friends. The floor is open; the platform is yours!
Please share a poem of your choice and enjoy the company of your fellow scribes.

Remember to stop by tomorrow for our Toads in Tandem feature post. Margaret and Gillena joined forces to bring us a collaborative poem to celebrate the creative space of the Garden we call home.